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Verein Corpsstudenten in Schweden is the Swedish association of "Corpsstudenten". For more than 15 years, Corpsstudenten in Sweden have met through this assosiation to relive the good old times on the Corpshäuser.

If you live in Sweden, plan to study abroad and have an interest in joining a student corps in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Belgium, please let us know and we will help you with contact details and further information on the Corps.

Please contact us through:

If you are a Corpsstudent on tour in Sweden, please don´t miss our monthly After work in "Källaren Moldau" at Södermalm, Stockholm.
For further information on our gatherings check the calendar (in german only) or click to our
photo gallery.






Verein Corpsstudenten in Schweden (V.C.i.S.)